I Want to Love You

After all the terrible things that have occurred in the world in the past week, I feel that this is a good time for this post. Regardless of how you want to share your love with the world, what’s important is that we do so.

Recently, I have realised that I crave deeper emotional connections with the people around me. I want to be free to share in the ways you will soon read, while still honouring and connecting in my current relationship the way we have been. For the more love we give, the more we receive and the greater the love I can give to the people that matter the most to me. Regardless of what kind of friendship and connection we have, I want to do each one justice and give and receive what is needed and wanted.

I want to love you.

Whether partner, friend or stranger, I want to love you.

Sometimes that will mean helping someone who can’t repay me. Providing a meal to someone who has spent so much time praying for one. Making morning coffee for sleepy friends behind the front counter with a smile. Sharing my drinks and food so that others can enjoy them too. Connecting through dance, song and late night board games. Deep philosophical conversation.

Long hugs. A kiss. Drives to beautiful places to watch the night sky or the city lights. Two hands connecting and holding one another.

Sitting together, heads resting on shoulders, not speaking, just allowing the emotions in the air to connect and speak without being drowned out by unnecessary words. Sitting in silence, reading beautiful, thought provoking prose, soaking up the lessons learned to later share in heart to heart conversation.

For the one who first captured my heart, deeper intimacy is possible as they may not wish to share.

But regardless of which you are, I want to be free to love you.

To love you in whichever way our connection draws me to.

To love you without fear of being judged.

To love you without fear of people leaving. Although if they do it will just create more space to share the infinite amount of love my heart desires to.

For the heart and love is not like a bank account and money, where the more you give the less you have.

Because when you give more love, you receive more in return. This then allows for even more giving and receiving.

In love, the possibilities are endless, only restricted by how open your mind is.

How open your heart is.

To trust that those you share your love with will not try to restrict you to a watered down version of yourself but will love the full strength, full flavoured soul you are.

Life is too short to be unhappy if it can be prevented.

Although life is not simple, although there will be sadness and suffering, if we can share a little more love with the world, then perhaps we might be able to create a better world.

More love is what we need.

It’s been said that in heaven, love is the priority, the most important thing.
If we can create heaven on earth then that would be a life well spent.

I may not be able to change the world, but if I can change even just one person’s world then it will be worth it.

So please, let me create heaven on earth.
I want to love you.