I’m Feeling 22

There weren’t many things I wanted for my birthday this year, but a paid job was one of them. While I love my life and enjoy volunteering and updating this blog, it gives me even more freedom when I have the finances to do extra things.

But while sitting in a coffee shop at 10am on the 26th of October, that was exactly what I got. And looking back on what I considered the perfect job for me at this moment in time, I’ve realised that, in that regard, it is also perfect.

From next Wednesday I will be working as an admin assistant for a local makeup artist to help her free up more time to do the things she enjoys most in her business.

What I wanted was a job doing something I would enjoy, with not too many hours and flexible work locations. This job will give me the freedom to work both from her home office and from my own home, or a coffee shop. As long as I can access the programs needed and can access the internet then I’m good to go.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have found something like this at my age. There are so many 20 somethings out there that are having no luck finding jobs. In the end, job hunting websites like seek couldn’t help me. I found this job through the people I know and those I have worked with in the past.

If job hunting is getting you down and you’ve looked at every job website you can, try asking your circle of friends. Ask them to ask their friends. Post in your local groups on social media (the amount of people I had post job opportunities that weren’t posted elsewhere or weren’t easy to find was incredible). Ask people if there’s any way you can offer value to them and their workplace or business. Go to the places you’d love to work at and chat with the people working there (but not when they’re rushed off their feet). Ask them questions about what they do. Show an interest. Put their advice into practice and show your progress.

It took me almost four years of on and off job hunting to find a job. It’s tough when the rest of the world seems to have it together and can afford to do the things they love. I know.

But hang in there. There’s a job out there for you somewhere.


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